Allow Your Trees to Thrive

Keep your trees healthy with tree pruning throughout the Casselberry, FL area

Tree pruning takes care of limbs and branches that are in the way, harming the tree or just plain annoying. Seminole Tree Masters, LLC provides tree pruning services at affordable rates.

We always follow standards set by the International Society of Agriculture (ISA). When pruning your tree, we won't:

  • Leave branch stubs
  • Make unnecessary cuts
  • Damage other parts of your tree

Call 407-636-7527 today to find out more about tree pruning in Casselberry, FL.

Hire a tree trimming service to tend to your trees

Hire a tree trimming service to tend to your trees

Our tree trimming service works fast to make sure your trees look good all year long. Keeping your trees trimmed allows more light to get to the grass and plants on the ground. We can also remove branches that are interfering with the structure of your home. If your kids have been having nightmares about a monster scraping and clawing at the window, the tree in your side yard may be the real culprit.